• Processing and sale of polymer materials in Ukraine

    The widespread use of polymeric materials in various spheres of human activity has created a serious problem with the disposal of polymer waste, which has already reached more than 60% in the mass of solid waste. Given the threat to the environment by the contamination of soil and water with polymer waste, recycling of polymers is an incredibly urgent and important task. The Flexx Company is one of the largest processors of polymer waste not only in Ukraine, but also in Europe, and also the producer of high-quality polymeric production from virgin and recycled raw materials.

    Production of polymers at the Flexx Company

    Today the company is one of the leading companies in Ukraine for the production of various types of raw materials obtained by recycling of polymer materials, and used for the production of products for a wide range of purposes. Our product range includes:

    • staple polyester synthetic fibers that we supply to the Ukrainian and European market for the production of nonwoven building materials for various purposes, bases for roofing membranes, insulation, textiles, and other products;

    • PET flakes used for the manufacture of dielectric sheath of electrical cable, foil, packaging tape, various types of packaging, fibers for the textile industry and other products;

    • polymer granules of polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP). They are used in the production of plastic furniture, housings of household appliances, automotive parts, bottles for drinks, containers, gas, water and sewer pipes and many other necessary things.

  • Flexx LLC has the developed production base for release of nonwoven fabrics, processing and granulation of polymers equipped with the modern equipment released by world leaders in the field of creation of cars and production lines for processing of plastic and polymeric raw materials, by the Italian companies "Piovan Group", "Toniolo", "Costruzioni Meccaniche Luigi Bandera", "Microforatura" and other firms.

    We carry out sale of polymers to the enterprises of Ukraine, and also to the countries of the European Union. The main advantages of our company are:

    • high and stable quality of products of any kind, corresponding to international standards;

    • wide range and competitive prices;

    • high level of customer service;

    • prompt ordering and timely shipment;

    • providing a guarantee for our products.

    We offer mutually beneficial cooperation to enterprises for the production of polyester fibers, PE and PET foil, PP pipes and packaging, PET preforms and containers, blister packaging, polyethylene fillers, nonwovens, technical and home textiles, as well as purchase recycled raw materials in unlimited quantities.

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