Founded thanks to the efforts of a professional team led by Alexander Belyavtsev and Dmitry Fayner, Flexx Ltd has started its activities with organisation of repair and construction works. In the late 1990s a challenging plan to move to production sector was put into effect, and as a result, the first Ukrainian roofing membrane factory was established. Soon, Aquaizol trademark made Flexx well-known in Ukraine and abroad.

The next step in the company’s development came at surprise to both the partners and competitors. In 2004, Flexx entered the polyester nonwovens market with its new product, RUNOTM. Borrowing from experience of the leading manufacturers and using original developments, our specialists were able to create new products that meet the highest international standards. Soon, the demand for RUNOTM has exceeded our production capacity. In order to meet the growing market demands, the second line was put into operation in September 2008. Today, Eldelveis is the largest manufacturer of polyester nonwoven materials in ex-Soviet countries and Eastern Europe.

The lack of high-quality polyester fibers manufactured in Ukraine was an obvious restraining factor for development of the Company’s business, and therefore, the launch of a new, state-of-the-art polyester fiber production line in 2012 became the next phase in the Company’s evolution: this line helped not only meet the domestic demand for nonwoven materials but also saturate the Ukrainian market with high-quality polyester fiber and enter the foreign markets.

Flexx Ltd accepts direct orders from Ukraine, CIS countries, and abroad.

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