Recycled Polymers Production

Recycled Polymers Production

Flexx LLC is the largest recycler of PET and PE raw materials and a manufacturer of PET flakes and PE and PP granules in Ukraine, capable of processing more than 20 thousand tons of polyester waste and more than 4 thousand tons of polyethylene and polypropylene waste per year.

Using the experience of leading world manufacturers and own unique developments, the company’s specialists managed to create products that meet the highest international standards.

The architecture of the production line in combination with the sophisticated production technology provides superior performance characteristics of our products in comparison with analogues.

Being both a manufacturer and processor of PET flakes, PE and PP granules, we have a unique opportunity to improve this product by promptly analyzing the results. Our technology allows us to vary the characteristics of materials in a wide range, depending on customers’ requirements.

The laboratory for the production of recycled polymers carries out constant monitoring of quality parameters.

PET flakes are supplied in polypropylene bags ("bigbags") of two versions:

Weight: 480-520 kg.
Linear dimensions: 0.90 / 0.60 / 1.20 m.

Weight: 870-930 kg.
Linear dimensions: 1.05 / 1.05 / 2.20 m.

PE and PP granules are supplied in two versions:
• In polypropylene bags ("bigbags")
Weight: 600-650 kg.

Linear dimensions: 0.90 / 0.90 / 1.20 m.
• In standard polypropylene bags
Weight: 25 kg. 

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