PP Granules

PP Granules

Processing of polyolefin waste. Polyolefins are the most popular type of thermoplastics that are widely used in various industries, transport and agriculture. These include polyethylene of high and low density, polypropylene. The most effective way to dispose of polyolefin waste is to recycle it.

Flexx LLC performs a complete cycle of processing industrial waste consisting of high and low density polyethylene and polypropylene, and produces recycled granular polymer both in pure form and in various combinations. Such processing of thermoplastics can reduce the final cost of products and make it more attractive to the buyer.

Polyethylene is the cheapest polymer that takes the first place in the world production of polyolefins.

This unique material combines the most valuable properties and the ability to be processed by all methods available for thermoplastics. It is also practically harmless to humans, because the amount of chemicals released from it is minimal.

In addition, polyethylene has excellent dielectric properties, increased shock resistance, resistance at low temperatures and high chemical resistance, it is easily modified.

Due to high resistance to atmospheric factors, the process of PE granules transportation and storing does not require the creation of special climatic conditions.

Polyethylene properties (physical, chemical and operational) depend solely on the polymer molecular weight and density, and therefore differ for different types. The most common types of polyethylene are high-density polyethylene (HDPE), and low-density polyethylene (LDPE). In terms of economic expediency, the recycled polyethylene is advantageous as a cheap raw material for the production of containers for liquid and bulk chemicals, industrial and household films and other. Canisters, irrigation pipes and various containers for storage of household fluids are very popular.

The recycled PE is solid white granules. In some cases, the granules can be produced in color.



The main raw materials for the production of recycled polypropylene are waste of polypropylene production, as well as products that have served their time.

The recycled polypropylene granules obtained as a result of waste processing is used for the industrial production of a variety of packaging, automotive spare parts, for furniture production, etc. Unlike polyethylene, the recycled polypropylene completely retains most of characteristics of the original polymer, but it has a significantly lower cost per kilogram. Multiple processing of polypropylene usually leads to Master Formula increase, though the strength characteristics of the material do not undergo significant changes. Therefore, waste generated in the manufacture of parts made from polypropylene, as well as the parts themselves at the end of their service life can be reused in a mixture with the raw material to produce new parts.

Our company produces granular HDPE and LDPE, as well as polypropylene both in pure form and in various combinations, mixtures and copolymers. Due to a variety of combinations, it is possible to obtain thermoplastics with an optimal combination of cost and physical properties.

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