Fiber Production

Fiber Production

Flexx LLC fiber is produced by recycling used PET bottles, as well as virgin PET raw material.

For a long time, no polyester staple fiber production in Ukraine could meet our requirements on fiber quality and characteristics. 

The situation was corrected  by launching a new modern line for PET fiber production at our company. We have gone through the use of exclusively elements of recognized European and global brands such as Piovan, Luigi Bandera, Microforatura, Toniolo, etc., as a part of the line, which, combined with the high technological and production level of our company, allowed us not only to provide high-quality raw materials with our own production in the shortest possible time, but also to enter the Ukrainian and foreign markets with a wide range of polyester fibers.

Our recycled polyester fiber, by its consumer properties, reaches the highest European standards for similar products.

Production capacities of Flexx LLC allow the production of both virgin and recycled polyester fibers with a density of 0.33 - 1.7 tex, with a wide range of staple, cutting length, and the possibility of matting or coloring in black.

Polyester fiber is supplied in bales of typical dimensions:

Weight: 300-320 kg.
Linear dimensions: 1.25 / 1.15 / 0.75 m.

Our fiber production line has a wide range of possibilities for varying technical parameters, including, crimping, shrinkage and others, which allow satisfying the requirements of a wide variety of consumers.

Our company has the ability to vary widely the properties of the produced fiber, flexibly focusing on the requirements of the customer. Availability of own textile production allows to improve qualitative parameters of a fiber, operatively analyzing the data received from processors. During the years of cooperation with the most diverse customers in the European and Asian regions, Flexx LLC has gained the image of a reliable supplier with a well-established logistics scheme and a high level of customer service. 

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