PET Flakes

PET Flakes

PET (polyethylene terephthalate) is a polymer with stable mechanical properties. According to its physical properties, it is a solid white odorless substance. Polyethylene terephthalate is strong, tough and lightweight material. The plastic is not toxic. Processing of PET does not require plasticization, it is sufficient to clean PET from other types of polymers. All its characteristics PET material retains at low temperatures as well, up to -40°C, and at high, up to +75°C.

The process of obtaining finished products from the secondary PET raw material  involves certain difficulties. Reuse of disposable materials requires a special adjustment of the parameters of the technological process due to the fact that the recycled material changes its viscosity, and also may contain non-polymeric impurities. In some cases, special mechanical requirements are imposed on the finished product, which simply cannot be maintained with the use of recycled polymers. Therefore, for the use of recycled polymers, it is necessary to achieve a balance between the desired properties of the final product and the average characteristics of the recycled material. Thanks to the high technological and production level of our enterprise, as well as the use of exclusively recognized European and global brands as a part of the production line, we were able to reach the highest PET flakes quality indicators among all producers in Ukraine and CIS countries.

The characteristics of the produced PET flakes are given in the table:

Description, [unit] The value of the characteristic
PVC, [ppm] ≤100
PP, PE, [ppm] ≤50
Metal, [ppm] ≤50
Stones, [ppm] 0
Wood, paper, [ppm] ≤100
Other plastic, [ppm] ≤75
∑ (total impurity content, [ppm]) ≤375
Bulk density, [кг/м³] 290-400
Fraction size, [мм] 3-12
Adhesive flakes, [шт/100 г] ≤10
Other color flakes, [%] ≤5
Yellowing after t 200°C/60 min, [%] Slightly
Matrix yellowing flakes after t 200°C/60 min, [%] ≤5
Moisture, [%] ≤1.0
Dust content, [%] ≤0.5

PET flakes are supplied in polypropylene bags ("bigbags") in two versions:

Weight: 480-520 kg.
Linear dimensions: 0.90 / 0.90 / 1.20 m.

Weight: 870-930 kg.
Linear dimensions: 1.05 / 1.05 / 2.20 m.

At the request of the customer, Flexx LLC can change the technical characteristics of PET flakes and add a pallet and a polyethylene hood to the packaging.

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